Working in various forms of pastel, charcoal, ink and graphite.  Gillian prides herself on her near realism, with attention to detail in the facial features and ability to capture the emotion behind the eyes of each animal.  She believes that the essence of capturing an animal, bird or person can only be achieved by direct observation, understanding and passion for the subject.  Hours and hours can go into each piece, Gill gets great pleasure and satisfaction out of completing and selling her artworks and sharing her passion for Africa in this way.

The beauty of pastel with its fine detail and bold colours make it a pleasure to work with. Gill loves the way one can achieve fine details such as fur and whiskers due to the layering capabilities of the medium.  Charcoal and ink allow a more free and a little abstract approach.

Being passionate about wildlife, conservation, the environment and photography, I have been fortunate enough to follow my passion for the last 22 years. I have explored the wonders of Africa while conducting tailored safaris throughout Africa with our safari organization Africa 2000 Tours.


Africa 2000 Tours has allowed them tremendous access to terrific photographic opportunities and arts subject material while embracing an intimate connection with the wilderness. Through her art and Africa 2000 Tours she hopes to create the essential awareness for the ever diminishing and fragile natural world .

During the course of each year Gill donates a percentage of the proceeds of a sale to a worthy conservation organization.